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Find and grow your business at Amazon only with one and only TRISLOGIC. We can create a professional seller account, register with Amazon Brand Registry, create your store’s homepage with an appropriate template, and build your store pages, no matter it’s big or small.

Our Amazon marketing agency implements customized solutions. As Amazon Marketing Agency, we take an all-inclusive universal approach to crafting your Amazon marketing campaigns. We understand that your Amazon merchandises are irreplaceable to your business and should be treated accordingly. Teamwork, economic research, and marketing strategy are unified into understanding your client base and what energies their shopping decisions.



Amazon generates more than 40% of online sales, and every year, 94% of people make a purchase on it. That makes it the world’s largest E-Commerce shopping platform. Now the problem is, how can you make more customers buy your product? With so much competition. TRISLOGIC provides a data-driven strategy, driven by the leading Amazon marketing agency.



For your industry, our Amazon marketing agency provides a key-turn solution to the promotion of your brands and products on Amazon shop.


Account Management

Millions of people buy products on Amazon. You need an advantage in the competition. What is that you don’t want? It is to waste your money selling on Amazon while no one is buying your products. If you’re here, that means you already know that the US retail E-Commerce market is dominant on Amazon. Here is what you don’t know that how to be a part of the market. How can you get started? How do you differentiate your products or services? And how you do not get lost in a swarming Amazon Marketplace? Our proficient team of Amazon experts will help you form a winning strategy to maximize ROI within your budget. Working with an Amazon agency with established results is vital to getting the most return on investment (ROI) for your marketing on Amazon.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We boost your Amazon Products and brand descriptions and images. So many Amazon product listings are not fully and correctly optimized, resulting in leaving a lot of possible income on the table. Our Amazon specialists make sure you’re reaching maximum ROI.
• Optimizes your images and content
• Ensures your product is featured in the proper categories
• Ensures your images are high-quality, and professional that are sized and correctly displayed

Pricing Strategy & Testing

Become a Best Seller on Amazon in your first 30 Days with TRISLOGIC. One of the most serious strategies to become a successful seller on Amazon is making the excellent pricing strategies to grow your rankings, revenue, and conversions. Our marketing agency examines many points while listing a new product. Our marketing services for Amazon include far-reaching competitor analysis to discover the best pricing for your products. We perform an Amazon audit, examining your product costs and thoroughly outlining Amazon’s fees.

Amazon store launch

Join the world’s biggest E-Commerce marketplace with our Amazon Store and Marketplace launching services. Start selling on Amazon globally now with a guaranteed profit of 15% to 40%. Ideal business opportunity for brand owners and investors. With our Amazon store management and supervision services, you can boost your sales, revenue, and market domination.

Amazon Business Model

Investors will have the live dashboard access to monitor their sales performance in real-time. In the dashboard, you can see all sales performance, gross margins, and profits in one click. You will have three choices to select any one business model which suits to you the best: 1.Fixed Monthly Fee + Revenue sharing on gross sales 2.Fixed Monthly Fee
3.Profit Sharing

Competitor analysis

Before we create or optimize your store, our dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialists do an in-depth research into your competitors on Amazon marketplace. We assess their brand, products, advertisement strategy, and storefronts to develop a design and an optimization strategy that makes you their strongest competitor.

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